Everyone's pride, Rocking Bengaluru

A Rocking Bengaluru song urges the citys youth to vote in civic pollsVideo Grab
news Thursday, August 20, 2015 - 20:19

Three days before Bengaluru goes to polls, a Kannada news channel has come up with a peppy song about Namma Bengaluru to urge people to go vote.

The city’s poll percentage has generally been low, last year it was just 45 percent. On Wednesday, Asianet-run Suvarna News uploaded the video of a song on its website, saying that the song “Rocking Bengaluru” was its contribution to “create pride in the city” among the youth and to urge them to exercise their franchise.

On Wednesday evening Suvarna News Editor in Chief Sugata Srinivasaraju put up a Facebook post announcing the song after its release, saying:

“Happy and proud to present a Bengaluru as well as a Bangalore song for the BBMP poll season. This is an in-house production of Suvarna News, the Kannada TV channel of the Asianet News Network. Grammy winner Ricky Kej released it in our studios last evening. Enjoy and share!”

Showing a group of three boys and one girl going about the city, the catchy song takes the viewer around the city’s cultural and monumental landmarks.

Written by an upcoming writer from the Jamkhandi, Bagalkote district Shiva Jamkhandi, the song has some slick editing.