news Sunday, May 17, 2015 - 05:30
It is the story of a young girl’s tragic death. But the reaction to it by BJP activists and certain sections of the media in Kerala has lead to many questions. According to media reports, 23-year old Anuja, who had been living in with a man named Khaleel at a rented a house in Kalamassery in Kerala, was found hanging in their house. Prima facie, it looks like suicide, although the police are still investigating. The police have said that there no injury marks on her body. Media reports say that the Khaleel who was already married, was a member of NDF, and was an accused in a murder case of a Yuva Morcha activist. As the news of her death spread, and that her partner was a Muslim, some BJP activists started protesting, accusing the police of trying to botch the investigation. The same old "love-jihad" word used, again. But with elections approaching, and the strategy having reaped rich electoral dividends in Uttar Pradesh, right-wing politicians in Kerala seem to be whipping it up yet again. And the media affiliated to the right is helping them through it Janam TV, the recently launched news channel, affiliated to the BJP has been calling the death a case of love jihad. Though according to the police, the girl's father has revealed that she had started to live-in with her partner with their consent, the news reports say he 'trapped' her. Like we have pointed out earlier, the idea of ‘love-jihad’ was born in the southern states of Kerala and Karnataka. After the initial uproar, the regressive political fad died down in Kerala, although right-wing outfits in Karnataka kept the campaign going. In 2009, the Karnataka High Court and the Kerala High Court had separately ordered their respective state police to investigate and submit a report. Neither found any evidence of an organized conspiracy.The din has died down in Kerala, as there are simply no takers for it, either politically or socially. But it now seems that 'love jihad' conspiracy is slowly rearing its head, once again.