"Kamal Hasan could have been a btr Rajnikant if he din't keep bcmng some1 else," RGV said in a series of tweets.

RGV warns SRK over losing stardom to Salman like Kamal lost to RajiniRGV Pic- Killing Veerappan/Facebook; Shah Rukh Khan- PTI
Flix Monday, April 25, 2016 - 14:17

"Rajni sir is ultimate proof that no one can ever f****** know why the audience likes what in cinema?," filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma wondered aloud last week in a series of tweets in which he tried to decipher the Rajini phenomenon. 

Needless to say, the superstar's fans descended upon and lashed out at him on social media, even as RGV called them "Dumb fans" "who dint realise my tweets r compliment". 

Not one to be deterred by social media backlash, the loudmouth "Rangeela" director is once again back to ruffling feathers. This time around, RGV came bearing advice for none other than Shah Rukh Khan, by making a comparison between Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan. 

Calling Khan a "Megastar becos he neither has muscles of Salman nor workmanship of Aamir but yet he is taller than both by being just himself", RGV warned him against becoming an "ordinary fan" and making the "same blunder" as Kamal Haasan did "to lose his stardom" to Rajinikanth. 

Fans of Haasan were quick to give him a piece of their minds. 

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