Since Friday, residents of Borabanda and other adjoining areas have been having sleepless nights.

Residents panic as 16 micro-quakes hit Hyds Borabanda scientists say tremors harmlessImage for representation
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With panic gripping the residents of Borabanda in Hyderabad after the area witnessed 16 micro-earthquakes in a span of 13 hours on Saturday and Sunday, scientists from the National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) have asked the residents not to worry.

Scientists who observed the readings of seismological activity, classified the tremors as ‘micro earthquakes’ which have a magnitude of zero or minus one on the Richter scale as reported by Ajay Moses from The New Indian Express.

NGRI Seismology Director, Dr Srinagesh Davuluri, told TNM that these micro earthquakes are shallow and produce a hollow sound, while being accompanied by shaking of the ground.

The senior scientist said, “The energy released during this seismic activity is negligible, and the magnitude is ‘very small’.”

On Saturday, tremors were felt in Somajiguda, areas in Borabanda like Indira Nagar, Sai Baba Nagar, Habib Fathima Nagar, Ambedkar Nagar and Bhavani Shankar Nagar.

Explaining the cause for the tremors, he said, “The tremors are happening because of energy released from fissures that were filled with rainwater.”

Appealing to the residents not to worry, he said that Hyderabad falls under seismic zone II, which is not prone to earthquakes.

NGRI has set up four seismic monitors in Borabanda to observe the micro earthquakes.

Since Friday, residents of Borabanda and adjoining areas have been having sleepless nights, due to the terrifying shaking of buildings and the loud sounds emanating from the ground.

No damage has been reported to any building, except for some old buildings which have developed cracks.

In view of this, the GHMC has already assigned an emergency team to provide relief.

GHMC deputy commissioner, Yousufguda, A Ramesh told The New Indian Express "There has been panic all over the place due to the tremors. We have Monsoon Emergency teams deployed in the areas to assist the people in case of an emergency but nothing as such has been reported till now."

Similar tremors were reported last year as well, and incidentally in the same month.


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