The director decided to insult a woman activist on television, by making fun of her ‘beauty’ and saying he would cast her in his film instead of adult actor Mia Malkova.

Hey RGV Your cool is just a mask for your creepiness and its all beginning to stinkCourtesy: PTI
Flix Controversy Wednesday, January 24, 2018 - 20:04

Ram Gopal Varma believes he’s witty. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, he’s only just sh*tty.

On a talk show recently, the director was called to comment on the controversy surrounding his latest film, God, Sex and Truth, starring American adult actor Mia Malkova. In a clipping of the show that aired on TV 9, Ram Gopal Varma was shown the sound byte of AIDWA state president P Mani, who tells him he should focus on making socially relevant films instead of films with nudity.

Well, freedom of expression and all that, so we don’t quite care what films RGV wants to make, as long as all the people featured in the film have consented to being featured there. And RGV can disagree with the activists all he wants, as long as everything is done respectfully.

But then, it’s RGV we’re talking about. So respect was the last thing on the man-child’s mind as he was watching the clip in the TV 9 studio.

In a completely churlish manner, RGV decided to mock the activist, and swivelled his chair around so only his back was visible to the camera. And once P Mani’s byte finished playing, Child Gopal Varma turned back to the anchor with an exaggerated expression on his face.

And then, he decided to mock the looks of the activist, saying, “I'll leave God, Sex and Truth, leave Mia Malkova and make the film with her. To me she’s more lovely than Mia Malkova. I find her face to be more lovely than that of Mia Malkova.”

Here’s the full exchange:

P Mani: I only want to ask him one question. What have you done for the betterment of society?


Mani: Appa Rao told us that to love the country is good -

RGV yells over her - Mani is inaudible

RGV: WOW. This is the first time that I'm hearing this.

Mani continues speaking

Mani: You bring a porn star, you make a film, upload it to a website or make normal, original films, what are you doing for the betterment of the country?

RGV cuts her off, starts talking. Mani byte continues

RGV: This time I'll make the movie with you.

Mani: Just for the sake of speaking, you can't keep saying it's my choice, I have talent, I will do what I want -

Mani: We women’s organisations are demanding.

RGV turns his back to the camera

After Mani finishes speaking, RGV turns to face the camera

RGV: I'll leave God, Sex and Truth, leave Mia Malkova and make the film with her. To me she’s more lovely than Mia Malkova.

Anchor and RGV speak over each other

RGV: I find her face to be more lovely than that of Mia Malkova.

Anchor: I agree that her face is lovely, but -

RGV: That's why I couldn't handle her beauty and turned back.

Anchor: On a lighter vein I'll tell you - when you turn back your bald head is seen.

After the show was aired, the protests against the director and God, Sex and Truth only intensified, with activists and viewers now demanding the arrest of RGV.

P Mani accused RGV of outraging her modesty and honour, and said, “This is not just a humiliation to me, but to all women.” She has also filed a complaint with the Vizag police, who have promised due action ‘soon’.

AIDWA state secretary B Prabhavathi said, “The movie must be banned in the country, and Ram Gopal Varma must be arrested for his naive and outrageous comments against women in the name of cinema.”

The God, Sex and Truth controversy

God, Sex and Truth is a movie starring American adult actor Mia Malkova, and RGV has claimed that the film is about a "revolutionary sexual philosophy" as professed by Malkova and encapsulated by him.

“The final version of GOD , SEX and TRUTH which is to be released on January 26th at 9 Am will have explicit nude imagery which will showcase each and every part of Mia Malkova’s beautiful naked body in a never before seen magnifique,” RGV said in a Facebook note.

His updates about the movie have been increasingly voyeuristic. In one of the latest updates, he said, “Various camera rigs were exclusively developed for capturing the body of @MiaMalkova in never before seen angles and compositions for #GodSexTruth