news Thursday, April 23, 2015 - 05:30
Minister of Home Affairs, Rajnath Singh defended the Delhi police and told the Parliament that the police tried to dissuade Gajendra Singh, the farmer at the AAP rally, from committing suicide; and the police had immediately summoned the fire brigade. The Home Minister however was critical of the crowds and said, “Police did try to save Gajendra, they called for the fire brigade and tried to handle the crowd who were provoking the farmer, because of their cheering and slogans”. Rajnath Singh also said that the government was in the favour of development and betterment of the farmers and that they were willing to work with the opposition party in this issue. “Everyone should stop accusing. There are no anti farmer or pro farmer governments. Both ruling party and opposition party should come together and work towards this cause,” he said. The Home Minister also highlighted the fact that the contribution of the agriculture sector to the Gross Domestic Product has gone down over the years and that 60% of the population still depends on food security. “In 1950, the contribution of agriculture sector to GDP was 55% and today it is 14%,” he said. He also stated that the monetary conditions of the farmers could not develop by just helping them with the farming. Instead, the government planned to help their children develop skills that would benefit them to get jobs. Rajnath Singh also added, “ The Indian government is willing to provide any kind of help required.”