Features Monday, May 04, 2015 - 05:30
Hours after Microsoft introduced the age-guessing website How-Old.net, its popularity has been boundless. People across the world have tried the application with their own photographs, their friends’ and even celebrities. Even though How-Old.net comes with a disclaimer that the results need not always be accurate, TNM decided to experiment with the application using politicians and celebrities from South India. Here are our results: 1) Shashi Tharoor: The 59-year-old politician has always been praised for his looks. How-Old.net does not differ in its results too. How-Old.net age: 59    Actual age: 59 2) Mohanlal: Mohanlal, the superstar of Malayalam cinema is not as old as we think, says the application. Good news for Mohanlal fans out there! How-Old.net age: 50    Actual age: 54 3) Mammootty: The war between Mohanlal and Mammootty fans have been going on since time immemorial. And it does not seem to end, with Mammootty, who has the advantage of his “evergreen looks”, is 31, according to the application. How-Old.net age: 31    Actual age: 63 4) Jayalalithaa: The former Tamil Nadu CM is half her actual age! Wasn’t mental pressure (in this case from her ongoing legal troubles) supposed to cause faster ageing? Never mind. How-Old.net age: 32   Actual age: 67 5) Rajnikanth (with make-up): Thalaivar is ten years younger than his actual age. Hold on, this is a photo from his 2014 film “Lingaa”. How-Old.net age: 54    Actual age: 64 6) Rajnikanth (without make-up): Thalaivar’s “birthday picture”, in December last year. How-Old.net age: 81    Actual age: 64 7) Karunanidhi: Who wouldn’t like to look sixteen years younger? How-Old.net age: 76    Actual age: 90 8) Vijayakanth: The application got this Tamilian actor-politician’s age right. Almost. How-Old.net age: 63   Actual age: 62 9) BS Yeddyurappa: The application does not seem to have got the former Karnataka CM’s age right.   How-Old.net age: 79   Actual age: 72 10) H D Deva Gowda: A major miss, there.   How-Old.net age: 76   Actual age: 81 11)  Nandamuri Balakrishna: The 54-year-old actor-politician can afford to look four years younger. How-Old.net age: 50    Actual age: 54 12)  N Chandrababu Naidu: The application says that the 65-year-old CM of Andhra Pradesh is a whopping seven years younger than he actually is.  How-Old.net age: 58    Actual age: 65