Jayalalithaa is projected to win at 39.66%, while Karunanidhi comes close at 31.89%

Puthiya Thalamurai pre-poll survey predicts major victory for AIADMK
news TN Elections 2016 Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - 08:31

Ahead of the Tamil Nadu assembly polls, Puthiya Thalaimurai has released its set of pre-poll survey results on Monday.

Overall, the poll predicts 66 seats for the DMK, and 164 for AIADMK while the others are expected to get four seats.

Jayalalithaa is projected to win at 39.66%, but not a sweeping one. Karunanidhi comes close at 31.89%.

AIADMK and DMK fight it out in the North and South, and AIADMK has been predicted to win in both regions. A comfortable win has also been projected for the AIADMK in the west.

In central TN, DMK is likely to win, but a tough contest is expected with the AIADMK.

Of the other parties, PMK is expected to put up a decent show in the North, while Central and Western regions will see the PWF in third.

On the eastern end however, DMK has been projected to win narrowly. 52% answered 'no' to the question of whether AIADMK would come back to power, while 43% said 'yes'.


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