Remember that the red Gucci heels may make you look like a movie star, but the gym membership would ensure that you are a healthier person.

The Pursuit of Happiness - Spend on Experiences not things
Product Partner Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 13:53

For an employed professional caught up in the highly competitive rat race for wealth and recognition, the idea of “buying” his/her way to happiness is not uncommon. The modern lifestyle is fast paced; the constant presence of media ingrains in us the idea that happiness involves wearing the most expensive clothes, driving the latest cars, possessing high-tech gadgets, and the like.

Yes, a drive in a high-ticket purchase like your spanking new Audi car can be exciting at first, not to mention the instagram-worthy moments it would give you. But it is seen that the thrill of such an experience would fade away soon, and you usually find yourself back to square one, seeking the next purchase.

You should know that there are several other ways to stretch the dollar and keep the thrill alive in your memory. For this, you should stop buying tangible objects and start purchasing experiences instead.

Travel does make you richer

“Travelling - It makes you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller”, said Ibn Battuta. Actually, this phrase is applicable to more than just travel because all new activities and experiences can bring a lot of joy than perceived; joy that would surpass the satisfaction given by any material object. Now, we even have scientific evidence to back this claim.

The benefits of going on a trip around the globe, visits to the amusement park, sports activities, a long night out with friends, or even something as simple as enrolling in a violin class would give you memories that last long after the event is over. These, in fact, help us in forming our identities. The anticipation of having an experience is also greater than that of owning an object.

So the next long weekend, think about going on a long drive to a place you always had in your bucket list. Travelling in a larger group may even enhance the travel experience. With the availability of easy car financing options today, getting an SUV to travel with your family/friends is not too far-fetched an idea as well.

When going on road trips, remember to pack enough food and clothes suited to the climate of the place you will be travelling to. In case you are using your own vehicle for the ride, ensure that you are carrying all the necessary documents such as your driving license, car insurance documentation, and PUC certificate, as there may be inspections along the way.

Give more than you receive

The joy of giving, especially during the festive seasons, gives one a lasting sense of joy and fulfillment than anything else. So, the next time you are window shopping at the mall, hunt for the best item to surprise your better half or a friend. Even little things like buying your mom some fresh flowers can actually make her day. This would, in turn, leave you with a great feeling about yourself. This is the kind of joy that will last longer than the temporary excitement that you experience over a new mobile phone that you bought for yourself.

Invest in your health

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on expensive jewellery and clothes, make yourself look better by hitting the gym. A visit to the spa is also a great way to de-stress while pampering yourself. The end result of such a session would be a rejuvenated you without the baggage of guilt associated with overspending at the mall.

Remember that the red Gucci heels may make you look like a movie star, but the gym membership would ensure that you are a healthier person. Investing in your health also helps in warding off common lifestyle diseases that seem to affect a major chunk of the society today. On the financial front, it is advisable to buy a suitable health insurance policy to ensure that you and your family are protected from such incidents. Health insurance companies offer policies at reduced rates to customers who have active lifestyles; so that’s one more reason to head for the gym.

Importance of continuous learning

Learning a new skill or a hobby is another way in which you can maximise the happiness quotient in the financial investment. If there is a creative element in the skill you are pursuing, it would help in destressing you like no other. Not only is this fun and rewarding, you will also be able to broaden your horizons as an individual. Being able to expand your social circle is an added advantage of taking up such activities.

In addition to the enrichment of your creative self, you should also focus on improving your skills at work. This would ensure that you progress in your career and witness a subsequent improvement in your financial condition. In line with this, you can explore options for further education while you are employed. Several leading banks in India offer personal loans for the education of working professionals. You can read about taking a personal loan for education on bankbazaar and even compare loan products to identify the one that best suits your needs.

Bringing it all together

The paradox of possessions is that when we buy a new object, we think that the happiness associated with the purchase will last as long as the object itself. But it’s wrong. On the other hand we are the sum total of our experiences.

Unlike things, comparisons matter little as far as experiences are concerned, which is a bonus. So, keep in mind that things may last longer than experiences, but happiness is directly linked to the priceless memories created from experiences.

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