Purranormal activity Camera captures the secret life of cats at night
Features Cat love Saturday, October 24, 2015 - 16:47

Watched Paranormal Activity? If you are a cat owner, you are probably used to a lot of ‘purranormal’ activity in your house in the night.

A video by YouTube user Cole and Marmalade employs the Paranormal Activity story and uses a camera to capture the cats and catfights every night.

Cole and Marmalade's owners write on the video “What happens when cat owners sleep? … Do you hear things go bump in the night, see strange glowing eyes in the darkness, hear high pitched meow like screams?

If so you're probably owned by a cat!

As you can see Cole & Marmalade are very active at night! This footage was recorded over a couple of weeks, letting the camera film for around two hours until the battery died each night … It's always fun to upload the footage the following morning and see what they got up to.”