"Do not let the actions of a few violent men write the future of many people, like me, who want peace."

Profile for peace This campaign shows that not all Indians and Pakistanis want warFacebook
Features Indo-Pak relations/Social media Tuesday, October 04, 2016 - 17:25

The good thing about social media is that no matter how loud the dominant discourse gets, it almost always provides alternatives. So while news anchors are harping on retribution, a social media campaign called "Profile For Peace" has resurfaced, with people posting selfies with a message saying that they do not hate the other country.

Started by Mumbai-based ad-filmmaker Ram Subramanian, the campaign invites people "to participate in this campaign, write a similar message on a post-it or a piece of paper, take your selfie with it and make it your profile picture" accompanied by the hashtags 'Kill Terrorists Not Talks' and 'Profile For Peace'.

Ram Subramanian


Bollywood celebrity Mahesh Bhatt also joined the campaign, posting a picture with the message.

However, not everyone agreed with the campaign this time and an army veteran, Major Gaurav Arya, posted a response on Facebook, implying that the support for Pakistan was unfair to the soldiers who worked to protect India. 

"Its easy to ask for peace when you are a thousand miles away from the Line of Control, and your primary concerns are which party to attend this evening and where to get financing for your next film. Peace is not a punch line. It is the end result of war," he wrote.

But despite opposing voices, responses have come from both sides of the border with men, women and children posing with messages of peace.

The pictures havebeen uploaded by the Facebook page 'Voice of Ram' in an album. These are a few of them.

Ajmad Abbas, Pakistan

Ex navy chief admiral Ramdas, with his wife Lalita Ramdas, India

Masood Khan, Pakistan

Jyoti Sharma, India

Syeda Jasmine Jaffer, Pakistan

Neha Rastogi, India

Rida Chandio, Pakistan

Rajesh Souran, India

Talat Islam Khan, Pakistan

The campaign was also carried out last year in light of Shiv Sena threatening Pakistani actors against working in Bollywood. People on both sides of the border had responded by posting selfies and expressing their desire for peace.


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