Vishal said that the incident will bring out all the atrocities in the Tamil film industry.

Producer Ashok Kumars suicide should be treated as murder Actor Vishal
Flix Film industry Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 11:19

Following the suicide of producer Ashok Kumar, director Sasikumar's cousin, the President of the Tamil Nadu Producers' Council, actor Vishal, has asked those threatened by financiers to  approach the Council for help.

Vishal posted a statement on social media which reads, "Devastated to hear the sad demise of a dear friend, Ashok Kumar who sacrificed his life succumbing to the pressure created by financiers.”

He said that he hopes this will be the last "sacrifice" in the name of financial burden. 

“Suicide is not a solution and I hereby request producers to reach out to us if they face threats from financiers, we will be more than happy to help out,” said the statement.

In the 2-page suicide note written by Ashok Kumar, he had blamed film financier Madurai Anbuchezhian of Gopuram Films for his decision. Ashok states in his letter that he had been repaying Anbuchezhian for the last 7 years and that he is not able to cope with it anymore because he was allegedly being harassed and insulted continuously. 

Actor Vishal wants the police to take stringent action and consider the death to be a murder. 

“I request the police to take stringent action and bring justice to the innocent’s death and also consider this as murder and not suicide,” he said.

Vishal further warned financiers who try to extort money from those who'd taken loans.

“This is a direct warning to all financiers, likeminded people and so-called federations who extort money, more than the stipulated interest and to those who harass honest producers and family members,” said Vishal.

He said that this incident will be an example to bring out all the atrocities in the Tamil film industry. Interestingly, Vishal had starred in the 2016 film Marudhu which was produced by Anbuchezian's Gopuram films.

“It is high time, all you people who have been conducting kangaroo courts time and again to stop harassing producers, it’s time for you all to run, since this death will be the last death and it will be an example to bring out all atrocities that’s been happening in the Tamil film industry," he added. 

Ashok Kumar worked as an associate producer in Sasikumar’s film company. After his death, Sasikumar, and his friends in the film industry, directors Ameer and Samuthrakani, have filed a complaint against financier Anbuchezhian at the Valsaravakkam police station in Chennai. 


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