The accident occurred when the bus was going from Tirur to Tanur over the Devadar bridge.

Front of a purple bus overturned on the road as several people surround it at twilightBus accident screengrab from Asianet News
news Accident Wednesday, October 27, 2021 - 22:14

A private bus running through Tanur in the Malappuram district of Kerala fell from a bridge, injuring several passengers inside of it, on Wednesday, October 27. The bus driver reportedly lost control while going over the Devadar Bridge, a railway overbridge in Tanur. Fifteen people injured in the accident were admitted at private hospitals in Tanur and nearby Tirur, according to reports. The bus was coming from Tirur towards Tanur when the accident occurred.

Asianet News reported that the bus was trying to overtake another bus and was speeding when it lost control and fell over. However, it had nearly crossed the bridge and did not fall towards the railway line. At the time of the accident, there were concerns about the passengers being stuck under the fallen bus, but it was later found that this was not the case. Fire force personnel had rushed to the spot for rescue services. Bulldozers were brought to lift the bus and take the people to safety. Reportedly, no one received any critical injuries, but one passenger sustained serious injuries. Twelve other passengers also suffered from minor injuries, the report said.

However, a police official at the Tanur station said that only four to five people were injured in the bus accident, and that they were admitted to a nearby hospital. The bus was called Thavakkal. All those injured are reportedly out of danger and are receiving treatment. 

Watch: Report of the accident

The accident occurred at around 6.30 pm on Wednesday. It was raining at the time of the incident, despite which several persons had gathered around the overturned bus and helped those who were injured, according to visuals of the incident which have surfaced. 

Around a month ago, another lorry met with an accident around the same spot, reported MediaOne. The lorry driver had died in the accident.