The police arrested Amarkanth Jha, a bartender, and Vikas Kashyap, said to be the victim's partner

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A day after cracking the murder case of a pregnant woman in Hyderabad, the Gachibowli police arrested the two accused who were on the run -- Amarkanth Jha and Vikas Kashyap on Wednesday.

The 32-year-old victim, Bingee alias Pinky, was killed last month and her body was dumped near Hyderabad's Botanical Gardens in Kondapur on January 30.

While Kashyap was the victim’s partner, Amarkanth Jha was also involved in killing Pinky in cold-blood before cutting her body into pieces and dumping it.

The police had earlier conducted searches in Siddique Nagar and also took Amarkanth's parents -- Mamatha Jha (37) and Anil Jha (75), into custody.

According to reports, Amarkanth told the police that he had done everything for ‘his mother’s happiness’.

In a press release, the police said that around 13 years ago, Bingee had married one Dinesh in Chandausi town of Uttar Pradesh and had three children with him.

Dinesh, Bingee and Vikas were from the same village, and Vikas developed a relationship with the woman. 

Bingee and Vikas then moved to Bihar, where they met the Jha family and Vikas allegedly developed an illicit relationship with Mamatha.

Around eight months ago in June or July last year, Vikas and the entire Jha family left for Hyderabad, leaving Bingee alone. 

Around 45 days before she was killed, Bingee managed to trace the four accused and landed up in Hyderabad's Siddique Nagar along with her eight-year-old son.

Following this, the police alleged that the three members of the family along with Vikas, hatched a plan to kill Bingee.

Late in the night of January 27, Mamatha and Vikas picked up an argument with Bingee, before allegedly pinning her against a wall. As she was eight months pregnant, she collapsed instantly. The police said that the accused then allegedly took turns at punching and kicking her till she died. They then kept the body in their house for one day. 

On January 28, Amarkanth bought a marble cutting machine and put Bingee's body in the bathroom, before the accused allegedly cut it into several pieces, wrapped it in polythene covers and dumped it in a gunny sack.

In the early hours of January 29, Mamatha and Amarkanth allegedly took the body in a large, black bag and dumped it at the spot where it was found.


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