news Sunday, June 08, 2014 - 05:30
The News Minute | June 2, 2014 | 12.41 am IST Even as Mandur's residents began their protest, stopping trucks from unloading garbage in their village, the Karnataka Pollution Control Board hauled up the BBMP for failing to dispose of Bangalore’s waste in a scientific manner in a village outside the state capital. Around 800 villagers prevented lorries from unloading garbage in Mandur, Rakesh Gowda, a member of the Mandur Gram Panchayat told The News Minute. They began protests on Sunday, after the BBMP failed to meets its deadline to clear the landfill. Chairperson of the KSPCB Vaman Acharya has asked the Urban Development Secretary to initiate action against the BBMP for failing to dispose waste in a scientific manner in the BBMP’s landfill in Mandur, according to a report published in The New Indian Express (KSPCB Chief Proposes Closing Mandur Landfills). For nearly a decade, Mandur, a village located in the Bangalore Urban district, has been the state capital’s dumping ground. Sewage and waste from the landfill has leached into the soil and polluted the ground water, villagers say.  The BBMP and the firm responsible for managing the landfill Srinivas Gayathri Resource Recovery Limited have failed to control pollution, the villagers say. Fed up with the state of affairs, the villagers had threatened to prevent lorries from unloading their unwanted cargo from June 1. Read The News Minute (We will not allow trucks to unload Bangalore's garbage in our village: Mandur villagers).  Now, the KSPCB has issued a show-cause notice to the BBMP asking it why action should not be initiated against the officials concerned for allowing pollution to reach the levels it has.  According to DNA report (Garbage crisis looms as pollution watchdog orders Mandur landfill shutdown), the KSPCB is likely to take action against BBMP officials under Sections 43 read with Section 48 of Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1974. Meanwhile, the licence of M/S Srinivasa Gayathri has expired and it is operating without permission as of December 2013, the report said. If the villagers make good on their threat to prevent garbage from dumped into the landfill until it is cleared, Bangalore will get a second doze of its own medicine. The first one over a year ago, raised a terrible stink in the city. Looks like round two is about to begin.