Anbumani said his biggest assurance is to ensure supply of drinking water to every household.

PMK says performance alone matters after DMK terms Anbumani an outsider
news TN2016 Wednesday, May 11, 2016 - 17:06

PMK has mounted a strong counter-attack with its "performance alone matters" slogan against DMK which has targeted its nominee and party's chief ministerial candidate Anbumani Ramadoss terming him as an "outsider".

Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) is wooing voters by assuring them that the constituency will receive good attention as it will be "the Chief Minister's constituency." 

DMK partymen and supporters, meanwhile, as part of their campaign here are targeting PMK candidate Anbumani Ramadoss as an "outsider." 

The DMK supporters are apparently telling voters that they would have to go to Tindivanam (native place of Anbunmani) to meet him to get their problems addressed.

"DMK also says the same thing in respect of AIADMK candidate KP Munusamy. They say he is from Kaveripattinam and tell voters that their (DMK) candidate Inbasekaran is a local man and could be approached whenever needed," P A Krishnan, a resident of Papparapatti told PTI.

AIADMK functionary P Arasan said, "Such comments only show that DMK has absolutely nothing else to talk. People are very happy about the innumerable welfare schemes that have been implemented and they are firmly behind Amma (TN CM Jayalalithaa)." 

Asked about the "outsider" tag, PMK leader Anbumani, in the midst of campaigning at Makkanur near here, said DMK candidate Inbasekaran won Pennagaram seat in 2010 but could not deliver.

"What did an insider (Inbasekaran) do after he won? The question is about who will deliver," he said, adding, "performance alone matters." 

Asked what was his basic assurance to the people, the PMK leader said, "My basic and biggest assurance is ensuring supply of drinking water to every household."

On the present Hogenakkal drinking water supply scheme, he alleged, "It is a Rs 2,000 crore worth scheme but is a huge failure. The money is being looted, scheme has not at all reached the people."

He alleged the scheme water is being mixed with groundwater and pumped to overhead tanks which "defeated" the very purpose of the scheme.

"If you are mixing the scheme water with fluoride contaminated water, what is the point? There is no difference between consuming contaminated water and Hogenakkal scheme water as both are mixed up and contamination remains. This is what is happening now."

Asked if he would resign his Dharmapuri Lok Sabha seat if he won from here, Anbumani said, "Our party (PMK) is going to win, and when I become Chief Minister, obviously I must resign the LS seat."

Asked if his party could not capture power, and he won from Pennagaram in the Assembly poll, which seat would he retain -assembly or Lok Sabha- he said, "We are very confident. We are going to win and I am going to become Chief Minister."


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