Addressing a gathering at Guntur, Modi also said that he will not tolerate the abuses directed at him anymore.

PM Modi slams Andhra CM Naidu says TDP will lose upcoming Assembly polls
news Politics Sunday, February 10, 2019 - 14:29

Prime Minister Narendra Modi came down heavily on his former ally, AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, in Guntur on Sunday and predicted that Naidu’s Telugu Desam Party (TDP) will be ousted in the upcoming Assembly elections.

Taking a dig at the Andhra Chief Minister, who never misses an opportunity to talk about his seniority in contemporary politics, Modi said, “Yes, you are a senior. You are a senior in leaving parties and forming new alliances. You are a senior in backstabbing your uncle. You are a senior in losing elections, I am certainly in no contest on that with you. You are senior in abusing someone, then going and sitting in their lap. You are senior in shattering the dreams of Andhra.”

The PM, who was addressing a gathering at Yetkuru, said that Naidu had forgotten the development of the state and joined in the competition with others to abuse him, pointing to his recent alliance with the Congress and others, after TDP severed ties with the NDA.

Alleging that Naidu had indulged in corruption, he said that instead of constructing Amaravati (the capital city), Naidu focused on his own development.

“He promised Sunrise in Andhra, but there is only Son-rise,” alluding to Naidu’s son Lokesh’s entry into politics.

He also alleged that Naidu had appropriated all the Central government initiatives and stuck his own photos on them.

Attacking Naidu for joining the ‘polluted’ Mahaghatbandhan, Modi said, “Didn’t he promise to follow the path of NTR, is he following it today? Instead he is bowing heads to the Naamdharo (Congress).

Modi said that the TDP had forgotten its own history. “Congress always neglected regional parties, that’s the reason NTR formed TDP.”

“Today Lokesh’s father (Naidu) is scared to face the truths. First truth is: he never won consecutive two terms, second truth is: he wants to establish his son, third truth is: wealth creation, he has grown these many days. Fourth truth is: this chowkidar (watchman) has threatened him and is giving him sleepless nights.”

“This chowkidar demands accountability from them, earlier they never used to show accountability. Now, Modi asks account of every single paisa. This bothers them.”

Taking potshots at the state government’s protest in New Delhi on Monday demanding special status, Modi said that the event was a photo-op. “Look at this event, it is hosted by our party. Tomorrow’s event is being held from the state’s treasury. This is the difference between us and them. The people of Andhra should demand answers from them,” Modi said.

“Before coming to Delhi and abusing me, you should release a white paper and show the accounts to the people of Andhra,” he added.

Protesting against Modi’s visit to the state, the TDP and several other parties raised slogans against him with black flags and black balloons in Guntur. Responding to this, the PM said that he interpreted the Go Back slogan as Go Back to New Delhi (re-elected to power).

Alleging that Naidu was lying, he said, “If someone is constantly lying, it is evident that the ground is slipping away.”

Modi also said that the Centre gave more revenue through special package than the state would have got under Special Category Status. He alleged that due to the TDP government’s inefficiency, they took a U-turn and turned against the BJP.

“In less than five years, we completed many works. I understand regional aspirations because I was a CM earlier. I assure you, we will work for AP’s development,” Modi said.

“I like Andhra’s culture, traditions and its softness, but in the past few months, the language in which Babu is speaking, looks like he has dedicated all the abuses in the dictionary against me. Is this Andhra culture?”

Saying that he would not take it lying anymore, Modi said, “Babu garu, I remained silent so far, but after seeing that these many Andhra people have come to support me, I won’t tolerate your abuses.”

He predicted that it was certain that the father-son (Naidu-Lokesh) government would lose the Assembly elections.