PM Modi identifies with Israel because of Sangh Parivar mentality: Kerala CM hits out

The senior Communist leader said India has always supported the people of Palestine in their struggle.
PM Modi identifies with Israel because of Sangh Parivar mentality: Kerala CM hits out
PM Modi identifies with Israel because of Sangh Parivar mentality: Kerala CM hits out
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the first ever Indian PM to visit Israel, where he signed a number of agreements including one to combat terrorism. On the last day of his three-day visit, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan lashed out at the PM, asking how India – a country in which people of all religions co-exist – can ally with a country that oppresses the people of Palestine. 

Pinarayi also called the anti-terror agreement between India and Israel "illogical" and "beyond common sense."

"To make a treaty to combat terror, with a country that itself kills innocent people, is beyond logic. By doing so, what India has done is to usher in the danger of becoming a strategic partner of Israel and create an America-India-Israel syndicate," he wrote in a Facebook post. 

Going all out against the PM, Pinarayi wrote: 

"Modi is able to agree and identify with Israel's law of forcing the people of Palestine to either live at gun point or leave their own country, because he has the mentality of the Sangh Parivar."

Observing that India has always sided with Palestinians’ struggle to live in their own land, Pinarayi commented: 

"India's mind has always been against Israel, a country that has deliberately termed Palestine's struggle to fearlessly live in their own land, as terrorism. The objective of Zionism is not just to build an Israel of the Jews, but also to completely wipe out Palestine. It is after realizing this, that India has always supported Palestine in its struggle. India has always been against the Israeli policy of completely disregarding UN resolutions and International treaties for the protection of human rights, and has identified with the people of Palestine," Pinarayi said. 

By getting into an agreement with Israel, Modi has now acted contrary to India's stand, the Communist leader argued.

Pinarayi also stated that Modi’s actions and those of the government, endorsed Zionist ideology.

"By keeping away when six UN resolutions condemning Israel's human rights violations were being considered, India had already communicated its indirect support to Israel. Now, Modi not visiting Palestine Authority headquarters in Ramalah is only a continuation of this, and he has expressed his support for Zionist ideology. The unity reflected in the joint statement of Modi and Netanyahu is the unity of the ideologies of the Sangh Parivar and Zionism. That is the unity of invasion, hatred and denial of human rights," Pinarayi said. 

Israel has turned Modi's visit into a big celebration, given that most other diplomatic nations are reluctant to establish ties with it, Pinarayi said. 

"India, a nation where people from different religions co-exist and live in harmony, can never accept Zionism. Modi has attempted to give respect to a Zionist country and its cruelty. This can only be seen as a crude way of gaining support for the communal agenda of the RSS. Today, Israel has become the second largest supplier of weapons to India, after America. Israel uses the revenue from its weapons trade to further oppress the people of Palestine. To help an oppressor country to commit mass killings is a dangerous thing to do. It speaks for a politics of hatred, that forces its people to leave the country in the name of food and religion. People must awaken against this," Pinarayi wrote. 

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