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The News Minute| August 6, 2014| 1.12 pm IST The last time Rahul Gandhi got this much attention, was when he dozed off in the Lok Sabha. On Wednesday, Indian television news channels were giddy with happiness. They got a chance to stretch their verbal cords. Rahul Gandhi had done something. The channels said that for the first time he had actually gone to the well of the house along with fellow Congress members to raise slogans against the ruling NDA government. So they decided to honour him with a hashtag on Twitter (well, not exactly, since they give hashtags for everything under the sun), but here they are anyway: Times Now introduced him as #AllNewRahul. When he walked out of Parliament after it was adjourned and spoke to reporters, one reporter said that this was the first time he had raised his voice in the Parliament. Almost smiling, he corrected the reporter saying “No, I’ve raised my voice many times in Parliament”, and accused the Speaker of being partial. (Later in the day, they changed it to #RahulWakesUp. Well, Rahul is wide awake, and taking the BJP head on) CNN-IBN apparently wanted a bit more drama than a straightforward #AllNewRahul. So, they decided to say, figuratively, of course, that he is back from oblivion. When the channel broadcast the story, they used the hashtag #RessurectingRahul. Maybe someone told them that he had not raised a single question in Parliament. We should now check and see how many other poor sods are in the same category as Rahul Gandhi. NewsX just went all filmy, called Rahul Gandhi #AngryRahul. Someone was obviously thinking of Angry Birds when they came up with that.After the story had been replaced by other news on all these channels, came some pearls of wisdom from a Congress spokesperson. Sanjay Jha tweeted: All is well.
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