The animal rights organisation called for a vegan alternative.

PETA asks for Eggs and Bacon Bay in Australia to be renamed Apple and Cherry bay
news Tuesday, August 09, 2016 - 18:00
Written by  IANS

Animal rights organisation PETA has asked authorities to change the name of Eggs and Bacon Bay, in the island of Tasmania, to a vegan alternative, reports said on Tuesday.

Campaign Coordinator Claire Fryer said the main objective of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal's (PETA) initiative is to raise awareness against the use of animal products and promote healthy habits among people, Efe news reported.

The activist added the organisation has filed a petition in the Huon Valley Council proposing the bay -- located around 20 km (12.4 miles) from Tasmania's capital Hobart -- be called "Apple and Cherry Bay" instead.

"Obviously Tasmania is known as the Apple Isle and the Huon Valley produces a lot of apples and cherries, and we think it's a much better, kinder, compassionate and healthy name for this particular area," said Fryer.

She added it will encourage people to stay away from cholesterol and fat-laden food and instead choose healthy, farm produce from the Huon Valley.

Popular belief attributes the name of the bay to the fact that Jane Franklin, wife of the 18th century governor, John Franklin, ate eggs and bacon here.

However, nomenclature expert Wayne Smith refutes this version and relates the name with a yellow and red wild flower that covers the shores of the bay between November and December.

Meanwhile, the campaigners say they expect to file similar petitions in other parts of Australia too.