RJ Balaji requested the public not to share inflammatory messages on social media.

Peace not violence over Cauvery Celebrities from Ktaka TN urge citizensRaghu Dixit, RJ Balaji, Yash. Photos from Facebook & Twitter
Social Cauvery issue Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 17:09

Even as Bengaluru is cautiously turning towards normalcy after sporadic violence erupted on Monday over the Cauvery issue, various celebrities from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have posted appeals for people to stay calm and not resort to violence and hate.

Singer Raghu Dixit posted an appeal on his Facebook page, asking for people to maintain peace and “not decide the fate of other citizens”.

He asserted that the Cauvery issue is something to be settled by the two governments together with the court. “For people to get on the streets, riot, hurt innocent people, damage property is the worst way to act,” he said.

Kannada actor Yash also posted a video, where he said that Kannadigas were a peace-loving community and must behave in a way which behoves them. 

"We will get justice. We should not let that go. But what method we should take to get that justice is very important. It is only through peace that big things are achieved. Nothing comes out of violence," he said.

He added that people should think about the fate of Kannadigas in Tamil Nadu who may suffer as a result of violence here.

Actor Prakash Raj, who has worked in both Tamil and Kannada cinema, said that it was "painful" to see the situation in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. He said that while it is important to fight for justice, it shouldn't be done by "burning buses, destroying property, hitting our own brothers and sisters. Is this the example we set for our children?" 

RJ Balaji, who also posted an appeal on his Facebook page on Sunday evening as well, uploaded a video on Monday, saying that the people who were inciting violence in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu were politically motivated and doing so to create a divide between people. 

He also requested the public not to share inflammatory messages on social media.

Tamil Actor Vijay Sethupathi said in a video that people should take their problems to the political leaders they have elected to represent their issues. He also said that he was saddened by the common person getting hurt. 

"Behind each of these people are families who love them and are waiting for them to return. This division between us has grown over time. We should overcome it. Please don’t hurt common people. It is very saddening and difficult to bear," he appealed.

Actor-director Ramesh Aravind took to Twitter to urge people to remain calm. "Being angry is okay but violence is a no no. Our own people are suffering because of anger," he tweeted, and posted this video.