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The News Minute| November 28, 2014| 6.01 pm IST Supporters of Phillip Hughes, the 25 year old Australian cricketer who passed away on Thursday, are paying tribute to the late cricketer by putting out their cricket bats and posting it on Twitter. The trend started after Google Australia put out a graphic of a bat leaning against their homepage on Friday.  Hughes passed away after accidentally being hit on the head by a cricket ball during a Test Match against NSW. SInce then, the entire cricketing community and the world have been mourning the untimely death of a promising cricket star.  Here are some Twitter tributes, with the hashtag #Putoutyourbat Not had a chance to do one myself yet, but well done to google on this effort. Put your bat out for Phil Hughes pic.twitter.com/5cZ6nIhGbs — John Harrison (@j_harro99) November 28, 2014 Put your bat out pic.twitter.com/bti5tM47i2 — Nathan Genovese (@Gendog23) November 28, 2014 Put out your bat Phill Hughes 63 not out pic.twitter.com/e1eCrTTeKc — sheila leask (@sheilabaggins) November 28, 2014 put out your bat. :( :( #PhilHughes @CricketAus pic.twitter.com/RIYB85Zo3a — The Retweetter (@RTweet_21) November 28, 2014 Keeping PH in mind. A small tribute to a special player. Put your bat out#RIPPHIL pic.twitter.com/khWWFzCccA — Dev Govindjee (@DevMatchRef) November 28, 2014 Put your bat out tribute #RIPPhilHughes pic.twitter.com/B2ioP5MpcS — DonnaH (@donnaah09) November 27, 2014 Put your bat out for Phil Hughes @WorcsCCC #atruepear pic.twitter.com/ohlD4Z3BPU — Matt Mason (@mattymase0417) November 28, 2014