Pawan Kalyan’s friend and Jana Sena politburo member Raju Ravitej quits party

Raju Ravitej said that Pawan Kalyan has turned into a “dangerous divisive force".
Pawan Kalyan’s friend and Jana Sena politburo member Raju Ravitej quits party
Pawan Kalyan’s friend and Jana Sena politburo member Raju Ravitej quits party
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In a setback to Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party (JSP), party politburo member and close friend of the actor, Raju Ravitej, quit the party on Saturday. In a strongly worded statement, Raju Ravitej alleged that Pawan Kalyan had turned into a “dangerous divisive force” driven by vindictiveness and caste and religious hatred.  “He should never be allowed to occupy office of political or social power.” (sic), he wrote.

Raju Ravitej was a key architect behind the launch of the Jana Sena and was with Pawan Kalyan when the party was founded. He drafted the party’s constitution and co-authored a book ‘ISM’ along with Pawan Kalyan, during the launch of the party in 2014. ISM was meant to explain the political ideology of JSP and Pawan Kalyan.

“I wish everyone to note that I have nothing to do with Mr. Pawan Kalyan, or Jana Sena Party which I helped to create in 2014. I was the first General Secretary of the party who created the party ideology & the party constitution and played a critical role in starting the party. Currently I am a member of the Party Politburo, which I have reluctantly agreed to be upon Mr. Kalyan's insistence. I will not work with Mr. Kalyan or be associated with him or with the Jana Sena party ever again.” Raju Ravitej wrote.

In a cryptic line, he further added, “What you received without deserving, will disappear without your consent.”

Meanwhile, accepting the resignation of his friend, Pawan Kalyan said, “We respect his concerns and opinions towards the party. Earlier also he had left the party with the same concern and rejoined.”  

In the last few weeks, Pawan Kalyan has been attacking the ruling Jagan-led government. He has joined the BJP in accusing the Chief Minister of promoting religious conversions in the state. Jagan, who is a Christian, is often accused by the right wing of showing bias against Hindus. Though the Jagan government has busted many of these allegations, there is a new controversy almost everyday. Pawan has also hinted about joining hands with the BJP. In 2014, Pawan Kalyan had offered support to the TDP-BJP alliance and later pulled out. His party had contested alone in the 2019 polls and had managed to win just one seat in the legislative assembly.

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