The guidelines also say that DJ parties with restricted entries can’t be held.

Party pooper Kochi cops No liquor after 10 pm wrap up NY parties by 12 30 amImage for representation/ Courtesy: Pixabay
news Celebration Tuesday, December 27, 2016 - 17:20

Kochi police are a worried lot. The increase in drug consumption in the city is giving the police nightmares and they fear that things will go out of hand during New Year’s Eve.

So, in an effort to clamp down on drug and excessive liquor usage, the Kochi police have formulated a set of guidelines for New Year Parties. If you are a party animal, or at least one on New Year’s Eve, it sounds like a party pooper’s guide.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, Ernakulam Superintendent of Police (SP) Dinesh said that all the parties should wrap up by 12. 30 am on January 1. No liquor can be served at any party venue after 10 pm.

DJ parties with restricted entry will not be allowed.

“DJ parties are something that is held in the dark. There are also parties in which even children and elderly members of a family are able to take part in, we are not stopping these parties. However, the time and liquor restrictions apply to all and it should be ensured that all the guests are dispersed before 1 am,” SP Dinesh said.

In a meeting presided over by DCP AB Arul Krishna, it has also been decided that provision of the Abkari Act should be strictly followed while serving liquor, including that people below the age of 21 shall not be served liquor. 

" The problem is that usually DJ parties are held in dim lighted rooms with unregulated entries. That is what we will not allow. Our stand is that the venue must be open to everyone, something that can be attended by family members too," Arul Krishna told The News Minute. 

In another meeting with the Hotel Management Association on Tuesday, guidelines including adequate CCTV surveillance and proper lighting at the venue were decided on. The venue will have the presence of both internal security staff, as well as police personnel. 

Asked about the criticism the decision has invited, Arul Krishna said that presence of police personnel should not rattle people.

"We are not preventing them from doing anything, we just facilitating them to do so in a responsible manner. Also, if you are someone who has come to enjoy the party, how does the presence of a shadow police affect you? We are not in any way trying to invade anyone's privacy. Such venues are public places where genuine party goers are equally troubled by illegal activities taking place. By regulating the parties, we are creating a safer environment for decent party-goers to celebrate," Arul Krishna maintained. 

After the City police came up with the restrictions, it has come under criticism from several youth, who saw it as a restriction on their personal freedom.