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Parliament is serious business, but that doesn't mean we can't see the humour in it! If Parliament was high school, the Speaker would be the Headmaster/Headmistress, Parliamentary Affairs Minister the Class Teacher, the PM would be the surprise inspector, opposition members the troublemakers, MPs of the ruling party the cheerleaders, the young, the hip and the Cabinet-hopefuls the popular kids and poor first time MPs would make up the class nerds.  And Parliament Junkie is the mean kid who blows the whistle on what every other kid does. In this series, our Parliament Insider, who follows the working of the Sabhas closely, often from within, will give you the inside dope on the happenings of the Parliament. Baith Jayiye! Parliament| May 7, 2015| 12:35 Hours| South Delhi Mean Time Right up front, 10 points to RaGa for following Parliamentary procedure properly for once. Let's start with a tiny lesson in Parliamentary Procedure. Every day, 1200 Hours to 1300 Hours is called 'Zero Hour' in Lok Sabha. This is where any member can raise any issue -- as long as it's not a state subject under Schedule 7 of the Constitution. Does that mean they just get up and speak? You wish :P Between 0830 Hours and 0900 Hours every morning, there is a window of opportunity for a form to be submitted in Parliament in order to get a chance to speak during Zero Hour. At 0900 Hours, a ballot is conducted of all such forms received, and the first 20 MPs who get picked in the ballot get to speak in the House, in that order. Sometimes, if there's time after the first 20 speakers are done, the Speaker might allow more people to raise their issues. What RaGa did today was follow the rules, like a normal MP -- which is what he is, no? He waited his turn. He raised his issue. He requested the Govt to look into the issue.  Yes, he also took digs at Modi (#BadlaVsBadlaavRightBackAtYou!) -- which he is well within his right to do Junkie feels. Yes, he once again went #KisaanKisaan, but at least it was aloo and chips this time! Yes, he had Maharaja Scindia by his side, who chose to fight RaGa's battles as soon as the Gandhi sat down -- but Junkie genuinely likes hearing the "SHAME! SHAME!" in the Scindia baritone, so no complaints there! For his speech, overall, Junkie would give another 5 points. But the cheerleaders.......  Oh the cheerleaders! How they screamed and shouted and created general ruckus! Even when Rajnath got up to reply on behalf of the Govt, the cheerleaders didn't stop chanting. In fact, the Minister had to snap at his colleague -- the Deputy Class Teacher Rajiv Pratap Rudy -- to be heard over the ruckus.  100 points from the Cheerleaders for the bad behaviour. And not just because junkie is hungover and doesn't like noise. Meanwhile, Rajnath Singh did not need to get up and give a reply -- but he still did. Yes, he took some digs right back at RaGa, but he still gave the best reply a Minister can give in this situation: he promised to open the files and look at the issue raised by RaGa. Verdict: 5 points to Rajnath for shutting his own side up. And another 7 points for his reply. For RaGa, junkie has just one line -- borrowed from the man himself: Yeh Kya Jadoo Ho Raha Hai!!! Read: Parliament Junkie decides to help RaGa with a list of FAQs    
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