It’s settled: Oviya will not be eliminated this week. Oh, and TN’s new favourite word is likely to be ‘fish’.

Oviya Army is celebrating as Julie gets humiliated for lying on Bigg Boss
news Social Media Saturday, July 22, 2017 - 23:18

It was an episode of Bigg Boss that Tamil Nadu was watching with bated breath. With 'Thangathalaivi Oviya' amongst the three contestants up for elimination, an army of Oviyans have been spending the last week voting furiously to save their favourite contestant.

For fans of the show, it was a nerve wracking one hour as nasty allegations were strewn amongst the eight contestants, even as Kamal Haasan listened patiently. It was almost as if they had forgotten that their stay in the Bigg Boss house was recorded as they (seemingly) spouted one lie after another.

Leading this bandwagon of untruths (whether real or scripted) was none other than 'Jallikattu' Julie, who was attempting to turn the house against Oviya.

However, the truth could hardly be negated when the Bigg Boss himself offers video evidence of Julie lying. What unfolded was the revelation that Oviya had indeed been telling the truth the whole time and Julie admitting to having a manipulative nature.

Except according to Kamal, "It is not manipulation, it is hallucination." (We will talk about that unsavoury insinuation about someone’s mental health status at another time.)

Julie may not have learned her lesson but Oviyan fans could hardly contain their joy as Kamal announced: Oviya has been saved by the people.

And as expected, the Oviya army is more than thrilled. People can't stop gushing about the young woman's attitude.

Well, ‘fish’ is going to be the new favourite word of the Oviyans it seems.

Even celebrities have joined the Oviya army.

Oviya's spunkiest moments have been memorialised.

But that doesn't stop them from unleashing their wrath against Julie and gang.

And when so many fanboys band together, can sexism be far behind?

We don't know yet, who will be eliminated this week, but TN is ready to celebrate all night.