Even the type of sari and blouse that needs to be worn while at work is clearly delineated.

Only sari no make up Kerala SUT Medical Colleges rules for women staff
news Rules Thursday, January 05, 2017 - 16:20

Female staff members of the SUT Academy of Medical Sciences at Vattapara in Thiruvananthapuram were in for a shock, when a circular issued on Monday prescribed the mandatory wearing of sari while on duty from 06 January 2017.

The said circular -a copy of which is available with TNM- is applicable to all female staff save for those already assigned uniforms like nurses, attendants and those in house-keeping.

Even the type of sari and blouse that needs to be worn while at work is clearly delineated. So transparent saris are definitely not allowed, and God save anyone who comes to work in a low-cut blouse, visible from either the back or front. Attention to detail is definitely not missing here.

The usual brouhaha of no make-up, no flowers in hair that is required to be neatly tied up, no heavy jewellery and no high heels are applicable. Use of mobiles while manning duty stations is a strict no-no for all employees, irrespective of gender, thankfully.

Duty hours are to be diligently kept, with every staff member ordered to ‘punch in and out in their prescribed uniform’, which from Friday onwards would be a sari for those who have had none till date.

Sources say that the majority of female staff prefers to come for work dressed in salwar kameez for ease of movement and convenience.  

"It is inconvenient for most of us. We were allowed to wear salwar kameez before, I don't understand why there is a problem with that," said a staff member who did not wish to be identified.

Hospital authorities could not be contacted for their comments on the same, despite repeated efforts by TNM staff.

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