However, the theatre owners do not seem very sure of the feasibility of the plan to reduce the cost.

Online cinema ticket prices may reduce by Rs 20 in TN thanks to the Producers Council
news Movies Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 09:54

Thereā€™s some good news for the movie buffs in Tamil Nadu. Movie tickets booked online may get cheaper by Rs. 20 if the latest initiative by the Tamil Film Producers Council's (TFPC) is carried out successfully.

The Times of India reported that TFPC is planning to start their own service to manage online booking of movie tickets, under which, the convenience fee of booking online tickets may come down to Rs 10 from Rs. 30.

TFPC President Vishal said that reducing prices will help get more audience to the theatres and they have taken this decision taking into consideration the Goods and Services Tax (GST) which has been brought in from July 1.

However, the theatre owners do not seem very sure of the feasibility of the plan to reduce the cost. Tamil Nadu Cinema Theatre Owners Federation president Abirami Ramanathan told TOI that it was not feasible to reduce Rs. 10 as the online transaction charge itself is Rs. 10 and it will cost about Rs. 15 to set up the equipment in different theatres.

He added that there are already many private service providers and the theatres will not be discontinuing their services.

Actor Vishal claimed that in the present scenario, there was no transparency about the percentage of occupancy at single screen theatres and moreover, the producers do not know the actual footfall in theatres across the state. Responding to this, Abirami Ramanathan said that there is 100 per cent transparency in the state and the footfall numbers are never fudged.

After the theatre associations had called off the strike last week, the theatres in Tamil Nadu are charging Goods and services Tax is charged over and above the original price of the ticket.

This move was made despite no formal change to a Government order that dictates that the minimum price for a ticket in the state should be Rs.10 and the maximum should be Rs.120.