The petition started by has over a lakh signatories.

Online campaign against Bengaluru steel flyover goes viral SteelflyoverBeda spreads across city
news #SteelflyoverBeda Thursday, October 20, 2016 - 09:05

Protests against the proposed steel flyover in Bengaluru is gaining momentum with each passing day, with online and offline campaigns against the project being initiated across the city.

A month since starting an online petition against the flyover that requires felling of 812 trees, the petition by has since gone viral, with over a lakh signatories.

The petition, addressed to the Chief Minister, BBMP’s special commissioner and Bangalore Development Authority, demands that all alternatives to the flyover be explored and make the citizens part of the decision making process. began a missed-call campaign against the BBMP’s decision to cut almost 800 trees for a road widening project last month. 

“It was around the same time that news emerged of the 6.7km steel flyover to facilitate traffic towards Bangalore International Airport. This project was estimated to cost Rs. 1800 crore. And would also require the felling of 812 trees. We knew we had to act,” said a campaigner Tania Devaiah in a statement released by the organization.

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