OnePlus wants users to design Oxygen OS features for its upcoming flagships

The best one will be implemented, and the winner will also get a free device that they helped to build.
OnePlus wants users to design Oxygen OS features for its upcoming flagships
OnePlus wants users to design Oxygen OS features for its upcoming flagships
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Different companies adopt different strategies to build their products and bring in improvements based on customer feedback. This is an era where the market has completely turned into a customer-driven one. Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus is riding high on the success of its successful flagships has now thrown open a challenge which is called the OxygenOS Product Manager Challenge.

Oxygen OS is the user interface developed by OnePlus and is loaded on all its devices over the stock Android OS. The challenge to the public at large is to invite fresh ideas or features that anyone can have, that they would like to see added on to the Oxygen OS. If the suggestion is practically implementable, the product managers’ team at OnePlus will take it up and include it in its OS. The person who has made the original suggestion will be rewarded as well.

There are a few questions you will have to consider before you proceed with the submission of your ideas. These questions relate to who the users of the proposed function will be and its user value etc. If you are trying to suggest an improvement to a feature already present on OnePlus or other brand smartphones, then that should be explained in your submission as well.

And the submission of your proposal under the OxygenOS Product Manager Challenge cannot be just running text. You will need to provide proper sketches of how the idea you have come up with will move from screen to screen for the technical team at the OxygenOS Product Manager Challenge understand and can work on it at their end.

In terms of what you can expect to receive from OnePlus for your efforts, it the software development team at OnePlus chooses your idea and implements it, then you will be invited to a launch event held closest to your location and presented with a device you helped build.

The OxygenOS Product Manager Challenge is open since Monday February 4 and will close on Friday, February 22. The results of the competition will be made public in March 2019.

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