Several users in the US took to online chat forums to complain that their smartphone was rebooting automatically when they tried to dial 911.

OnePlus users complain of reboot problem company to roll out update to resolve the issue
Atom Smartphones Saturday, July 22, 2017 - 09:49
Written by  IANS

After several OnePlus 5 users in the US and Europe took to social media complaining that their devices were rebooting automatically as they dialled 911 (112 in case of Europe users), the Chinese smartphone maker has admitted there was a problem and is now rolling out an update to resolve this.

According to a report in Android Authority on Friday, OnePlus is now coming up with an update to address the rebooting problem.

"We have been in touch with the customer and have tested a software update that has resolved the issue. We will be rolling out the software update shortly," the company told Android Authority.

In a major embarrassment, the company, which launched its flagship OnePlus 5 in India (8GB variant featuring duel-lens camera system, starting at Rs 32,999), has been facing rebooting issues for a few days. 

Several OnePlus 5 users in the US took to online chat forum like Reddit to complain that their smartphone was rebooting automatically when they attempted to dial 911. 

"I had to dial 911 on my OP5 yesterday (saw a building on fire a few blocks away) and both times I tried my phone rebooted on me," shared a OnePlus 5 user on Reddit.

According to a report on, the OnePlus team responded to the Reddit thread and confirmed that it was looking into the matter.

There have not been any such rebooting issue from India so far.

Earlier, just days after the OnePlus 5 was launched, a number of users complained of a ‘jelly’ screen effect on the phone. This is when the image on the screen contracts and expands as you scroll vertically, creating a jelly-like effect.

Several users from India also complained of receiving faulty units with the volume button being loose or missing. There have also been issues with regards to benchmark rigging, design issues and even the camera not being up to the mark.