Ola cabs drivers and their colourful language

Ola cabs driver curses Bengaluru-artist after she cancelled booking
news Monday, February 08, 2016 - 18:22

A Bengaluru-based artist got a shock of her life when she cancelled an OLA cabs booking on Saturday night. Apart from the usual response that Ola sends on cancellation, the frustrated cab driver tried to call her and when she didn’t pick her call he messaged her saying “gandu”(Hindi for asshole). Also it was her birthday on February 6. 


Ola cabs also responded to her complaint on Twitter, asking her to block the number and that the driver was made aware of the legal implications of such behaviour. 



The artist, who goes by the handle @Micha_Alvz on Twitter, tweeted a screenshot of the message following which many Twitter users criticised Ola drivers and also spoke about their own experiences with the cab service.