Green tea is passé: Discover the wonders of avaram flower tea

If you stand the risk of being diabetic, you could switch from the sugary morning tea to the tea of avarampoo.
Green tea is passé: Discover the wonders of avaram flower tea
Green tea is passé: Discover the wonders of avaram flower tea
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The rate at which number of Indians with diabetes is growing, researchers say that we could be looking at a potential epidemic. With more than 60 million people in India affected with the disease, and several lakhs possibly not even knowing that they have been affected by it, it is imperative that we consider making significant changes in our lifestyle and diet to prevent or control diabetes.

A small step towards that would be going for the avaram flower tea instead of the sugary morning tea.

The avaram, or senna auriculata, is a legume tree and grows in dry regions of India. It isn’t a rare plant, but it isn’t commonly used either.

Each part of the avaram plant has some medicinal qualities, and the flowers and flower buds, when dried, can be used to make tea.

“Apart from diabetes, it also helps strengthen the uterus in women and improves the functioning of the heart,” says Dr. Selva Shanmugam, a Siddha doctor.

And here is the bonus, it also helps us have wrinkle-free and healthy skin.

The avaram poo (flower) keeps the body hydrated and should be used after it has been dried under the sun.

Avaram poo tea is extremely simple to make.

Boil the dried flower in water, and for further taste and nutrition, a mixture of ginger powder, pepper and coriander powder can also be added to it. To this mixture, add lemon and jaggery, and you will have a cup of immensely healthy and tasty tea.

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