Nothings wrong with your eyes the Telangana secretariat just loves pinkAnusha Puppala
news Politics Tuesday, March 01, 2016 - 20:05

The comparison to Jaipur has been made before. After all, Hyderabad has in the hands of the TRS turned pink overnight  on more than one occasion in the past. But on the question of loyalty to pink, the TRS has Jaipur completely beat. Jaipur may, by law, require all its important facades to display the same pink colour, to present the picture of a city united under a single colour. But at the various offices of the Telangana Secretariat in Hyderabad, the TRS proves that the love of pink is no mere facade. Indeed, it’s almost become a way of life. Enter the offices here, and it’s hard not to see all of the pink that peppers every single room here.

And no, it’s not just the giant portraits against a pink background of TRS chief K Chandrashekar Rao benevolently looking down on minister’s chambers. Or the sartorial choice of pink scarves that marks every major meeting of party officials here. Indeed, it’s almost a case of a pinkfrastructure revolution,  as there is not a single person or a piece of business transacted in these offices that do not brush up against its fair share of pink.  

If you should find yourself unable to digest such a preponderance of pink, and come running out of the Secretariat in search of some relief, you’re really not in luck. Even the public urinals outside the Secretariat blush in fair shyness at the abundance of pink.  


More-more towels

Towels and KCR picutre combo

Don't forget to check out the fine print

They don't even spare the brochures

The somewhat official calendar

This is the best. 

And meanwhile, in the TDP office...


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