'Not seen video-footage of my son, can't comment': IG Suresh to TNM

Underage driving not a crime when indulged in by wards of law-enforcers!
'Not seen video-footage of my son, can't comment': IG Suresh to TNM
'Not seen video-footage of my son, can't comment': IG Suresh to TNM
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When the video of ‘Hummer’ Nisham’s minor son driving his father’s Ferrari went viral online, the state police lost no time in filing a case against the controversial business man.

But when it comes to the son of IG Suresh Raj Purohit now-in-charge of the Ramapuram Police Academy in Thrissur driving government vehicles, the higher-ups in the police force seem to be turning a blind eye.

Three videos of five minutes’ duration each features the Plus One student driving the official vehicles assigned to the Thrissur Range IG and the Police Academy IG respectively.

The absence of the IG in the vehicle is compensated by the presence of the police driver who sits in the co-driver’s seat while the boy is seen negotiating the turns and curves on the Police Academy grounds.

The official flags and the designated name-boards are clearly visible on both the vehicles the boy is seen driving.

Ironically, the video footage was brought to the notice of their superiors by the policemen themselves. But the higher-ups are yet to act on the same.

When TNM contacted IG Suresh for his response, he categorically denied seeing any such incriminating videos: “Someone told me there is such a video, but I haven’t seen it personally. So I cannot comment on the same.”

When prodded further on whether an FIR would be filed in this case, The IG responded: “Let the case first be filed. I’ll take it up from there.”

Unfortunately for the IG, the state Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala however decided not to wait for that to happen and has ordered an immediate probe into the same.

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