'No raksha for BJP hatred in Kerala': Pinarayi mocks Amit Shah's Kerala mission

Pinarayi pointed out that the local media ignored the BJP and praised national media for rightly reflecting on the situation.
'No raksha for BJP hatred in Kerala': Pinarayi mocks Amit Shah's Kerala mission
'No raksha for BJP hatred in Kerala': Pinarayi mocks Amit Shah's Kerala mission
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Top leaders of CPI (M) in Kerala have lashed out at the national level leaders of the BJP criticizing them for making communally sensitive comments in the state during the JanaRaksha Yatra.

CM Pinarayi Vijayan alleged that statements made by some of the Union ministers and Chief Ministers of BJP ruled states about Kerala were provocative and full of lies.

The CM unleashed an attack against BJP and its national president Amit Shah saying that what the BJP leaders have done was breach of federal policies. “What debate Amit Shah intends to do without being ready to end such wrong moves,” he asked.

"By doing so the double standard and the hypocrisy of the BJP has been exposed before the country. However because of this the national media to an extent was able to understand what is the real picture of Kerala and how ideal it is,” he said.

“It was during the BJP’s Jana Raksh Yatra that the Vengara bye-election took place. The BJP’s performance in the election was miserable. I hope that Amit Shah would understand how the people of Kerala view undesirable political gimmicks from the BJP. I congratulate the people who have given a non-provocative send off to the Jana Raksh Yaatra which was taken out, with huge media accompanying them and with challenges and provocations of hate politics. The people of the state ignored the speeches which called for killing and false propaganda and slogans,” the post said. 

He also took to Twitter saying BJP’s Yatra was a flop and pointed out that local media had ignored it. He also praised the national media for realizing the fact that Kerala isn’t ready for BJP.

He also tweeted thanking all his party workers for staying together as a unified force against BJP.

CPI (M) state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan meanwhile put out a Facebook post blaming BJP for creating unwanted unrest in Kerala politics.

He wrote, “BJP national leaders have made derogatory statements about Kerala. RSS workers who want to gouge CPI (M) workers eyes out should understand this is Kerala.”

He also added, “Manohar Parrikar‘s statement that Kerala is ruled by goons is a challenge to the system of federal institution."

Kodiyeri also expressed his concerns over BJP unleashing violence in the state.

“Though BJP said Jan Raksh Yatra is to protest against CPI (M) killings, in effect they are encouraging violence by their own party workers. RSS should have an answer for all the political killings in Kerala, not Pinarayi Vijayan. Most violence is inflicted by RSS in Kerala.”

Kodiyeri accused BJP Chief Amit Shah of hiding his bloody history of political killings and concealing his true image.

“BJP Jana Raksh Yatra has failed to influence people in Kerala. BJP came in thinking they can create a storm but they left without any impact. Amit Shah was talking about peace in Kerala. How can he, when his own hands are bloodied?”

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