Some YouTube channels falsely suggested that Lakshmy Ramakrishnan’s marriage was in trouble.

No peace in life Lakshmy Ramakrishnans husband does parody on Solvathellam UnmaiScreenshot
Flix TV Friday, December 08, 2017 - 16:25

Zee Tamil’s popular reality show Solvathellam Unmai, anchored by Lakshmy Ramakrishnan celebrated the broadcast of its 1500th episode on Thursday in a humorous parody.

Remember the “Ennama Ippadi panreengala ma” dialogue? Well, for its 1500th episode, Zee Tamil actually got on board Ramar, whose spoof on Lakshmy went viral a few years ago.   

The episode begins with director Edward sitting on the guest’s couch and telling Lakshmy that there is a small problem – that there’s been a small complaint against her. She storms out of the sets of the show.

Because of the complaint against her, Lakshmy sits out on the special episode, and is replaced by Ramar, who dresses up like her. The guest of the show, who also happens to be the complainant, is none other than Ramakrishnan, Lakshmy’s husband.

As in the format of Solvathellam Unmai, the guest goes on to explain his problem, so that the host will help solve his particular predicament. What follows is a comic parody, as Ramakrishnan launches into what life is like as Lakshmy’s husband. “There is no peace in life. She takes on all of the place’s problems, she comes home and takes my life,” quips Ramakrishnan.

The special episode has been lauded by viewers, with many taking to Twitter to praise Lakshmi and her husband for coming out onto the show. 

Speaking to TNM, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan says, “Many lives have been touched through our show. There has been so much awareness created through Solvathellam Unmai. There may be one or two instances of grey areas and eyebrows have been raised. But the idea of the 1500th episode was to show that even I can talk about my personal problems. That there should be no stigma attached and there should be open debate and change our point of view.”

But the 1500th episode didn’t end at just that. Following its broadcast, a YouTube channel called 2 minute news, attempted to distort the special episode on Solvathellam Unmai by making it seem there really was trouble in the marriage between Lakshmy and her husband.  The video has since gone viral with nearly 600,000 views already. 

Another video published on YouTube by Connecting also suggest that Lakshmy’s marriage as on the rocks. 

“They are trying to distort news. These so-called media are just trying to create a buzz just to make us scapegoats. The public understood and enjoyed the episode. It was just to give some light-hearted moments. But these channels have taken some words and distorted the episode,” said Lakshmy, lashing out at the two YouTube channels.   

She points out that as a result of such video clips, people tend to view the media negatively and believe all content is manipulated.

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