The actor said he had joined politics when he was 21, the day his finger was inked.

No one should enter politics not even actors Kamal Haasan PTI
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Days after Tamil superstar Rajinikanth dropped hints about entering politics, his peer, actor Kamal Haasan on Friday said the situation in Tamil Nadu was such that, no one should take the electoral plunge, not even actors.

Speaking to reporters in Chennai at the trailer launch of his show Bigg Boss, Kamal Haasan also noted that politics is not a career to earn money, it is a service. When asked about his views on Rajinikanth’s statement on the corruption in politics, he said that the superstar’s statement is “nothing new and nothing wrong”.

On being asked when he would enter the political arena, Kamal pointed out that he entered politics at the age of 21, the moment his finger was inked. “I joined politics when I was 21, the day I put a dot on this finger. I’ve been in politics since then. But I decide who should and who should not come in politics,” the star replied.

Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan, while speaking to India Today’s Priyamvatha urged every citizen of India to enter politics and “make his voice heard”. He, however, requested people to not ask money in exchange for votes.

When asked whether only a Tamilian should lead Tamil Nadu he said," Some people may have that opinion. But there are leaders like Gandhi, Nehru and Bose who appeal to all. People of Kerala think I am from there. So, I belong here and there, but it's not like I want to contest as CM of Tamil Nadu."

Kamal Haasan, who is all set to make his television debut in June by playing host for the Tamil version of Bigg Boss on Star Vijay said, “I've been a judged man all my life so it's nice to be in a judging position.”

The star, who has been vocal on social media about a range of issues from jalalikattu to censorship said, “I've always been speaking my mind out. I think the technology has made it more prominent. Even a common man’s voice is heard prominently now much to the chagrin and surprise of politicians. They aren't used to that.” Commenting about the Vishwaroopam debacle in 2013 and crossing swords with then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, Kamal said, “I don't have tiffs with people. I only mind my business. But whatever interferes with the freedom of my expression I've always voiced and I've never tried to cross swords with anything because I think time of that sorts are gone.”

On being asked about political interference in the release of films, the actor noted that the censor board is now just a certification board. “It's slowly changing, but we are fighting for our rights and it is happening now. The fact that we have a programme like Big Boss now shows the freedom of expression in India,” he observed.
He also took a dig at Aamir Khan, stating that he does not need to do a show like Satyamev Jayate to prove he is socially responsible.

Asked why he chose to host a "Bigg Boss over a show like "Satyamev Jayate" where socially relevant topics are brought to the fore, Kamal told the media, "I have been more socially responsible for long than the person who hosted 'Satyamev Jayate'."

Talking about the show, he said it will help him to reach every household and capitalise on the love he has earned so far.

"The show has a very wide reach. I don't have to don an avatar this time. I can just be me, in my most natural self, and reach every household," he said.

A lavish house set on a budget of over Rs 1 crore has been constructed here to host the show.

To go an air on Star Vijay on June 25, the show will feature 14 participants who will battle it out for 100 days.

Kamal said he will visit the show once a week, every Saturday.

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