An email from the management changed the plans.

The end of The Newshour with Arnab Goswami
news Newshour Friday, November 04, 2016 - 21:23

Three days after Arnab Goswami quit as the Editor-In-Chief of Times Now, it now seems the anchor may no longer appear on his flagship show "The Newshour'.

Though Goswami had quit on Tuesday, he anchored the show even on Thursday. He was supposed to anchor Friday's Newshour, but an email from the management made it clear that he was no longer required to do so, sources told TNM.

Promos featuring him were dropped after the email, and instead of Goswami, anchors Niranjan Narayanaswamy and Tanvi anchored the show.

Sources in the channel say that it is unlikely that Goswami will return to the show that has topped the rating charts for years.

On Tuesday, in what seemed like a final message to the viewers, a rather calm Goswami, with a half-smile, said "goodbye" to his viewers, "only for tonight".

“Viewers many of you called in today to give your views and speak up and join the debate. I am really sorry, we are not taking calls live. So, I couldn’t speak to you, and I want you to know tonight, and every night, bringing 'The Newshour' to you has been my privilege. That your voice gives us strength, and that on 'The Newshour' tonight, and everything, it is finally your voice and your participation that counts. Only for tonight, goodnight ladies and gentlemen, and goodbye,” he said.


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