A 50-year old man was arrested soon after he returned from the Gulf.

No end to child sexual abuse in Kerala 2 more cases surface this time accused are fathers
news Crime Monday, March 20, 2017 - 10:03

At a time when the state is seething over the increasing number of sexual abuse incidents involving minor girls, two more cases were reported.

A 50-year old man hailing from Vengara in Malappuram was arrested on Sunday for allegedly abusing his daughter. The arrest was recorded soon after he landed at the airport from the Gulf, reports The Hindu.

According to police, he had raped his 17-year-old daughter when he was on vacation and came home two years ago. The girl had told this to her mother at the time it happened. But the mother presumably due to fear, didn’t inform the police. The girl was recently given counselling since she had developed symptoms of restlessness on hearing the news of her father’s return.

She then told the teachers what had happened. The incident came to light after she was counselled. The girl said that she was subjected to abuse many times, when the father was home for vacation. In the second incident, also from Malappuram, a man was arrested from Ponnani for abusing his 14-year old stepdaughter. 

It was the intervention of the Child Line staff that helped the girls in both cases, to disclose the incidents. The girls have been shifted to Nirbhaya shelter home run by the government.

On Sunday, a grandfather was arrested for molesting a 10-year-old gild in Kundara, Kollam. The minor had allegedly killed herself two months ago.

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