"No arrests can be made at this stage," said the inspector.

No action against doctors till postmortem of hair transplant tragedy victim is complete
news Wednesday, June 08, 2016 - 18:05
Written by  Pheba Mathew

Parents of 22-year-old Santosh, a final year medical student who died after a botched up hair transplant surgery have to wait longer for the accused to get punished. On Wednesday, the Nungambakkam police said that any further action could only be taken after the postmortem report was out.

Santosh Kumar, a final year Madras Medical College student died on May 17 due to the allergic reaction to the anaesthesia given before a hair transplant surgery. The surgery was conducted at Advanced Robotic Hair Transplant Centre on May 15 in Nungambakkam. The police filed an FIR on June 3 after the family provided a detailed death report.

Talking to The News Minute, Devaraj, Assistant Commissioner of Police said, “We are investigating the case. We have to exhume the body and have to send the organs to the forensic department. Only after the cause of death is known, then only we can take further action.”

He added, “The post-mortem will be happening next week in Trichy. It will be carried out by the Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO), panel of doctors and forensic experts. We will be getting regular updates from them.”

Asked about the delay in filing the FIR, he said that set procedure was followed and there have been no delay in filing it.

Police inspector Chidambaram of the Nungambakkam station reiterated the ACP’s views. He said that no arrests can be made at this stage.

Santosh’s father, Pandiaraj had told The News Minute that the doctors were responsible for his son’s death and strict action must be taken against them. He also wanted such centres to be closed.

The parents had also complained to the Directorate of Medical Services (DMS) which informed the State Medical Council and sent letters to the two doctors involved in the case. The centre was sealed on June 2,2016 and the family is waiting for further action against the doctors.

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