Coming out in support of the jallikattu protests in Tamil Nadu, Nivin expressed his solidarity in a recent Facebook post.

Nivin Pauly gets trolled for supporting jallikattu
news Social Media Monday, January 23, 2017 - 18:14

It was probably the first time that popular South Indian actor Nivin Pauly had voiced his opinion on social media over a raging current issue…only to get trolled.

Coming out in support of the jallikattu protests in Tamil Nadu, Nivin expressed his solidarity in a recent Facebook post:

United we stand, Divided we fall.. The images from Marina, Chennai reminds me of Ayutha Ezhuthu..Feels so good to see the unity and discipline the crowds are maintaining.. Wishing the issue gets settled amicably.. Keep the culture.. Save the tradition!

#justiceforjallikattu”(sic) the actor wrote on Saturday evening.

Online trolls were quick to step in, accusing him of never once speaking up on any social issue in his own home state of Kerala.

“Shame on you... you people will only respond when there is problem in other states (Now in Tamilnadu). When there are any issues in our state, quite…” (sic) went one comment.

Another asked him to comment on the contentious Mullaperiyar issue.

“#Nivin Pauly I am waiting for your opinion on Mullaperiyar issue. This is faced by people of Kerala who are forced to live near an age old dam. Please respond if you are from Kerala.” (sic)

Some were definitely polite while exhorting the actor to air his views on issues plaguing his home state.

“Dear Nivin its good that u wrote your views on jallikattu. Like that their a lot of issues inside kerala where people like you especially having influence. Kindly have a look on our issues also.” (sic)

Others were not so courteous.

“Where were you at the time of Boycott Kerala and Thrissur Puram issue... Shame on such people who frightened to express for their own state and give their speech for neighbouring states...” (sic)

“Shameless..u were aware of the theatre strike and on that tym u wer in asleep n now u awake due to ur tamil market...ashamed act...” (sic)

“Here you go, one prime example of a safe play to secure the stardom and market value in the land of blind people!” (sic)

While Malayalis slammed the actor for his ‘hypocrisy’, Tamilians were quick to express their gratitude.

“Thank u handsome Admire ur comment ... Peaceful with powerful strike continue untill we get a positive results. ..” (sic)