His meeting comes at a time when political uncertainty dominates the atmosphere in the state.

Next stop for Amit Shah Tamil Nadu Set to meet party cadre to boost morale
news Politics Sunday, July 30, 2017 - 09:52

BJP National President Amit Shah will be visiting Tamil Nadu in August for three days. His visit, comes at a time when political turmoil continues to grip the state.

TNIE reports that the BJP will be trying to gain foothold in the state, given the atmosphere of political uncertaininty. His agenda also includes visiting OBC leaders from various parts of the state and to boost morale of the party cadre. He is reportedly set to visit Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai.

According to reports, Shah will review organisational works in Tamil Nadu and meet members of the state unit.

"The dates have not been finalised yet," says SG Suryah, Vice President of the BJP youth wing. "There will be small meeting held where the President will address people who are not part of the party as well. He will also dine at the houses of party members," he adds.

The BJP leader however admits that language will be a hurdle. "But since these are small gatherings and there will be a translator, it should not be a big problem," he says.

In his previous speeches in the state, Shah has repeatedly questioned the 'misrule' by Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu and promoted the Prime Minister's 'development' message. The BJP has however failed to even get a single seat in Tamil Nadu so far.