"You should be aware of what's happening in the state. Read newspapers regularly," he told the students

Naidu turns teacher Gives students a lesson on moral valuesImage: Facebook/Andhra Pradesh CM
news Friday, June 17, 2016 - 07:34
Written by  PTI

 Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu turned a teacher on Thursday and taught a lesson on moral values and the evil of greed to students of class IX at ASR Zilla Parishad high school at Atukuru village near Vijayawada.

"I am here not as a Chief Minister but as a social servant," Naidu told the excited pupils in the classroom, after launching the "Vidyanjali" programme of the Government of India.

He not only read out a moral story from the 'Panchatantra' but also explained the meaning of it.

"Greed is evil. It only leads to sorrow," he started and went on to explain the importance of true friendship.

"Money comes and goes but a true friend remains forever. Similarly, human beings are part of the nature. God has given us everything. If we use them properly, we will not face any problem. But if we are greedy, we will face problem," the CM said.

He asked students to work hard and remain honest.

"You should not get depressed in times of trouble. You should also not get overjoyed," he said.

Interacting with students, Naidu posed questions to them on the lesson he taught.

"Do you know anyone in the state who got into trouble because of his greed and corrupt deeds," Naidu asked a student who replied that he could not recall.

To this the CM said, "So you are not following the current affairs. You should be aware of what's happening in the state or the country. Read newspapers regularly and also read good books. It not only helps you gain knowledge but also bring about a good turn in your life".

"By reading books like 'Panchatantra', you get mentally rejuvenated and grow up as a good citizen," he added.

Pointing to his Additional Secretary A Rajamouli, the CM said the former studied in the same school and worked hard to become an IAS officer.

"He is of Uttar Pradesh cadre but now working with me," Naidu said, introducing the officer to the wards.

State HRD Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao also participated.