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By Rajarajan Velumani This blog is not about Dhoni's retirement nor about the overseas turmoil the team is undergoing now, this is about that one guy who by putting the captain's cap on a small town boy from Jamshedpur and reassured the hopes of Indian cricket, ironically he was not the one who made him the Captain but he is the one who made him a LEADER! I introduce you to the Commissioner Gordon of Indian cricket Narayanaswami Srinivasan, the BCCI president in exile and the Chairman of ICC. I could see a lot of eye balls and tongues protruding out but just stick them into their respective places and continue reading. The cement baron from Tamil Nadu has been facing a lot of troubles since he took the President's post in BCCI, the cases against him have started to pour out from all quarters of the country and about 99% of these cases are from our counterparts in the North. This shows the demographic discrimination existing in India since Independence.Right from portraying maids in movies as dark skinned saree clad woman to the extent of making fun of Rajinikanth just because he is above most of their superstars, these people can never digest the fact that South Indians as a whole being more successful when compared to them. This is the sole reason why a PM from South India has always been a distant dream, K Kamaraj was the one closest to the post but he gave it to Indira Gandhi though he was the efficient one. He rejected the seat saying he has no command over a language called Hindi, the real reasons are obvious enough. To those set of people shouting H Deva Gowda's name, we all know how he slept through his regime. This demographic discrimination is very much predominant in the field of cricket right from the day it became famous. The sole reason why Gavaskar and Ravi Shasti are celebrated as national icons though Kapil Dev is the one whom we should celebrate from their era. Sachin was able to break all records created by Sunny but we are still struggling and we will continue to struggle in the future also to find an all rounder to replace the Haryana Lion. Just because Sunny was from Mumbai and the very fact he broke records made him a national icon over Kapil dev. In cricket this demographic discrimination is very simple - If you are from Mumbai or Kolkata you are assured of a place in the team even if your performance is shitty. The fact that Deep Dasgupta and Shiv Sundar Das have twice the number of test caps than Sub-Aluminium Badrinath who is the best middle order batsman in Test cricket. They ruined his career by giving him chance in one test match every three years. And only due this discrimination Rohan Gavaskar and Dinesh have national caps. Thanks to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the one who challenged this discrimination and paved way for a lot of people from other parts of the country to pursue the ambition of playing for the country and Srinivasan was the one who backed Dhoni during his troubled times. Now some dogs would start barking on this, don't worry they seldom bite. Even Sachin had the banking of Raj Singh Dungarpur and Dada had the banking of Dalmiya, every cricketer needs a pat in the back from the board president but Srinivasan was the one who stood out among them in a very different way. From here on Srinivasan will be addressed as Srini mama in this blog as a tribute to Mama70 Read #Mama70 is an emotion, Chennai says Happy Birthday to its Srini Mama Srini mama challenged the odds against these North Indian sharks who always want to keep the BCCI in their court and became the BCCI president. He did stuffs which no can even dream off, made an awesome plan for the ex cricketers to get paid after retirement which is a delight for most of the unsuccessful players and which was a long due plan. Cricket is a crazy game either you become so rich or else you are doomed, with this initiative he has created a back up for all those people who never make it big. He sustained all their road blocks one after another, finnaly gave in when hi son-in-law was arrested for betting. Actually Gurunath should be granted country's highest punishment, that guy was first one in whole Tamil Nadu to own a Ferrari and a Yatch and he is from a family who are millionaires for so many decades still the guy's greed for money didn't wade off. He is the sole reason for putting the entire csk team including Mahi and Srini mama in a state of despair. Hope the court realize that it is a mistake of an individual and the entire team should never be put into jeopardy for this.                                                                                                                     Picture courtesy: Facebook Thanks to Srini Mama,Dhoni is a house hold name in TN and also CSK is a monument that can be associated with TN and its not just a cricket franchise anymore. He bought Dhoni for 6 crores, built a team around him and kept the core team of the franchise the same till this season. Only because of him and Dhoni, CSK players like Raina,Ashwin and Vijay made it big into the team, they were given opportunities to show their mettle. Haters accused Srini mama and Dhoni and created a term called CSK quota when Mumbai quota has been existing since decades. If not for the opportunity that Dhoni and mama gave Vijay, he would have never become the best Indian overseas test player in the world. The number of chances given to him are very very less when compared to that No-hit sharma. Wish Srini mama made it to BCCI a bit earlier, Badri would have made it big and would have become the NEXT WALL. Dear Mumbai Quota, at least CSK quota performs - India Cements Quota (Courtesy : Shasank Thala) We people of Chennai will always be grateful to Srini Mama for showing us how to fight these amits and prove our stronghold in this country. He has made Chennai a city competitive enough to challenge other metros, he has built a brand around the city that made ISL shift from Bangalore to Chennai and now everyone have started to cash in. He is our very own Guru Desigan, who made it big in-spite of all odds with equal amount of controversies. No one can make it big without being drawn into controversies, when Modi was the Gujarat cricket association president he had the whole Gujarat riots case over his head, when sharad pawar was the BCCI president he had Sugar scam. When these people with cases involving lives of human involved,continued to hold the offices why not Srini when the case against him doesn't involve Indian citizen's money or life. Dear courts open your wide eyes and deal this as a normal case and not as a political melodrama. Atleast Srinivasan is neither a corrupt politician nor he is associated with any scams involving our money, he is only a smart businessman. Hope Srinivasan wades off all these unwanted allegations and makes it in BCCI again!! Knowledgeable Chennai crowd : We never got an opportunity to say Thank you!Srini Mama : You will never HAVE TO! The author, a Chennaiite converts raw data into meaningful data for a living  This post first appeared on the author's personal blog http://not-with-a-chola-surname.blogspot.in/ Tweet Follow @thenewsminute Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this articles are the personal opinions of the author. 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