Adithya recorded his statement before the investigation officer.

Mysuru palace photoshoot Senior board official gave informal permission
news Friday, June 17, 2016 - 09:31

When photographs and video of a pre-wedding photoshoot of a couple in Mysuru palace made its first appearance on Facebook in May, it was nothing short of a puzzle. The couple and the photographer were untraceable and the palace officials seemed clueless. 

Bangalore Mirror reports that the police have found the involvement of a senior official of the palace board in the incident. The official allowed 'informal permission' to the couple to carry out the photoshoot as a return favour. 

The couple, son and daughter-in-law of a retired IAS officer, was allowed entry in return for a favour the said board member had received in the past, from the officer. The groom was later identified as Adithya BN, son of BG Nanda Kumar. 

On Thursday, Adithya recorded his statement before the investigation officer. 

The photographer Vignesh Karthi had earlier claimed ignorance, stating that they were let into the palace for a brief time. The police spoke to 35 witnesses who pointed to the involvement of the board official. 


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