Apparently VVIPs were accommodated in the Durbar hall on Tuesday.

Is Mysuru Indias cleanest city Not if you look at Royal Durbars Dasara messImage: ykcwadiyar/ Instagram
news Swachh Bharath Friday, October 14, 2016 - 10:23

The Mysuru Dasara is the pride of the city, celebrated with much fanfare. Another reason for the city’s pride recently has been the city’s ‘cleanest in the country’ tag by the Union government.

The image of both of them now lies in tatters, quite literally.

The scion of the Mysuru royal family, Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, put up an image of the Palace’s Durbar Hall on Instagram, which he took after the Dasara celebrations.

Yaduveer, who is also the also brand ambassador for the Clean Mysuru campaign, posted a picture of a heavily littered Durbar hall on Tuesday evening.

He said, “The aftermath... We cannot take our cleanest city tag seriously when the very Icon of our city is treated in this manner. When will the people understand that the Palace Durbar hall is not a theatre. Never has anyone at any point been allowed to consume food at the durbar hall, let alone throw around their trash like some theatre. (Not that we should throw trash around in a theatre) We should understand at some point that we must preserve the sanctity of our sacred festival, our great city, and its landmarks. Hope this blatant disregard to our most sacred building is not a annual feature." (sic)

According to The Times of India report, the hall had accommodated VVIPs to watch the Jamboo Savari. This was the first time the district administration had made such seating arrangements in the Durbar hall. So far only relatives and friends of the Royal family were allowed in the hall.

The VVIPs and their family members allegedly carried food items, and use-and-throw plates and cups and left them there before leaving the premises.

ToI quoted a senior palace official saying, “I was shocked to see litter strewn around at the pavilion. It has been cleaned. But to ensure that it is not repeated, the board will ban entry of eatables into the hall.”


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