My son an ardent Pinarayi fan, but not a word from CM on his death: Jishnu's mother says

Mahija alleges that authorities are working hand-in-glove to erase all evidence.
My son an ardent Pinarayi fan, but not a word from CM on his death: Jishnu's mother says
My son an ardent Pinarayi fan, but not a word from CM on his death: Jishnu's mother says
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23 days have passed since her son Jishnu’s death. That Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s continues to maintain an ominous silence on such a grave issue just deepens the sense of gross injustice to her dead son.

So says a grieving mother -Mahija- whose only son 19-year old Jishnu Pranoy had reportedly committed suicide in his hostel room. Jishnu was a first-year Computer Science student of Nehru College at Pambady in Thrissur.

In the letter, Mahija points out that while many prominent leaders visited the bereaved family, Pinarayi chose to keep away. Not one phone call, not even an acknowledgement on Facebook, this despite the Chief Minister having passed through Thrissur several times on his way to Kannur and Kozhikode which lie further ahead.

It was only on Sunday that Pinarayi had referred to Jishnu’s suicide on Facebook when he mentioned about a meeting of all the Vice-Chancellors in Kerala that is scheduled to be held on02 February.

Mahija went on to allege that the college Vice-Principal, Physical Education Instructor, Public Relations Officer along with another teacher had beaten her son to death, citing injury marks on her son’s body, a fact -which she felt- the authorities were trying to cover up.

She said that the doctor who conducted the post-mortem was a medico who was currently pursuing post-graduation and not an experienced hand. 

Mahija also accused police officials of trying to destroy vital evidence including the towel reportedly used by Jishnu to hang himself. They had even tried to erase the bloodstains that stained the room where the body was found, she claimed.

According to Mahija, Jishnu was an ardent admirer of both Che Guevara and Pinarayi Vijayan and was an active SFI (a Left student union) worker. She believed that her son was targeted because he had vociferously taken part in a protest against postponement of exams at the college.

The grieving mother ended the letter exhorting for stringent action against those trying to derail the course of justice, signing off as an erstwhile SFI comrade.

Without making a mention of Mahija’s open letter, Pinarayi wrote an elaborate post on Facebookon Monday, detailing all that had been done by the state government in the days after Jishnu’s death.

“…based on the complaint of Jishnu Pranoy’s mother Mahija Ashokan, immediate action was ordered to look into the matter. The Police Chief was directed to speed up the inquiry after a thorough investigation and to submit a report at the earliest.

The investigation is currently in progress. The Police Chief was also asked to include the complaint submitted to the Education Minister in the ambit of the present inquiry.

A cabinet meeting held on the fifth day after Jishnu’s demise had decided to grant Rs 10 lakh as compensation to the bereaved family. This was handed over to the family within two days in person by the Excise Minister TP Ramakrishnan.

Once the investigation report is submitted, it is for the state Police Chief to respond to the complainant. The government has also responded to the letter penned by the Leader of the Opposition in this regard,” read the post.

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