'My body is rejecting my existence': Help this 15-year-old with her treatment

Harshini has been diagnosed with a rare variant of blood cancer. Her chances of surviving are grim, but there is still hope
Harshini in the hospital with her mother
Harshini in the hospital with her mother
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“If I gave up now, how would I expect my child to endure the pain that she does every day?” my mother cried, 15-year-old Harshini says. Harshini has been diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma Stage-IV, a rare variant of blood cancer. Her chances of surviving are grim, but there is still hope 

In September of last year, her mother discovered a lump on the side of her neck. Worried, she was rushed to the Jilian Hospital where doctors on the initial diagnosis told the family that the lump is either simple fat or a tumour, which they can remove.

"I was extremely scared about the upcoming surgery but was assured by the medical staff that I had nothing to worry about. It all seemed to be going well up until the operation actually got underway. Much to my disdain, this was the beginning of another nightmare altogether. Thinking about my mother’s expression still haunts me to this day," the 15-year-old says. 

The doctors were able to remove the lump, but they said that they can’t remove the root of the tumour because it’s located in the nerve itself. Any operations on the nerve could cause major complications and thus they recommended a plethora of medicines to ease tumour root issues.

However, two months after her surgery, her skin was turning yellow and she started vomiting horrendously. Scared, her mother took her to the hospital yet again but was greeted with a piece of news far worse this time around.

"I was diagnosed with Stage-IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. We didn’t fully understand what the disease was, or how it was affecting me but we didn’t have the luxury of being able to do so as right after we were informed that the treatment for the same would cost us Rs 15 lakh. Our family’s spirit was tattered by this point," Harshini says. 

Her father works as an autorickshaw driver and earns only a meagre Rs 5,000. He’s powerless against the ferociousness of a disease like this. The family is now seeking help through fundraising, and you can help them by clicking here.

"I’m not just fighting because I want to live, I’m fighting for my life because all my loved ones have staked everything they had for my survival and run short. Despite my attempts, my life has been thrown into complete chaos. My dreams have been put on hold as my body rejects my existence with each passing day," Harshini says.

"Allow me to live as a normal girl, surrounded by friends and family. Allow me to make sure all of the sacrifices my family has made do not go in vain. Most importantly, allow me to live on and experience the beauty that surrounds us all in life," she adds. Help Harshini survive, Donate now.

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