"Triple talaq is like a hanging dagger for muslim women," the board said.

Muslim women law board demands ban on oral triple talaq punishment for arbitrary divorceImage for representation: PTI
news Law Thursday, October 06, 2016 - 08:34

The All India Muslim Women Personal Law Board (AIMWPLB) has decided to petition the Supreme Court demanding a ban on triple talaq and also stating that men who arbitrarily give divorce must be punished.

The board also sought a ban on 'Nikal halala', which mandates that a woman divorced through triple talaq has to marry another man and consummate the second marriage before she is eligible to remarry her first husband.

PTI reported that AIMWPLB President Shaista Amber underlined that instantaneous talaq is in contravention of the tenets of the Quran.

"Quran says there must be time for reconciliation between partners. It says when a man gives talaq he must pause and consult his wife. Otherwise, triple talaq is like a hanging dagger for muslim women," Shaista said.

Speaking about the recent defense of triple talaq by the All India Mulsim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) in the Supreme Court, Shahista said “The intent behind their petition lacks empathy, fairness. They should have said that they are in favour of giving justice to women,".

Earlier, the AIMPLB told the SC that triple talaq was "better than murder" as husbands who could not divorce their wives, would kill them.

"An unlawful mistress is more harmful for social fabric than a lawful second wife," the AIMPLB added.

Defending the Shariah granting right to divorce to the husband, the AIMPLB said that "men have greater power of decision making. They are more likely to control emotions and not to take a hasty decision. Men are expected to behave thus on the following grounds".


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